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First look at the updated interface Apple CarPlay in iOS 9.3 [video]

On Monday Apple announced the first beta release of iOS 9.3 new functions for automotive technology Apple CarPlay. In the updated OS motorists will be more convenient to use music service Apple Music, and also branded company.

Apple completely rewrote the Music for the Apple CarPlay, including the application of section “For you” and “New”. The first section offers recommendations based on the stories of auditions and “likes” of the user. In the “New” menu added “New music”, “Top songs”, “Top albums”, subsection with an editorial selection Apple and others.

In Maps for CarPlay, in turn, has a “Next”. Thanks to this option, motorists can easily find the nearest cafés, restaurants, cinemas, gas stations and other objects on the map. The app shows ratings, prices and distance to institutions.

In addition to the improved interface CarPlay iOS update 9.3 brought the possibility to classify data into the Notes application with a password or fingerprint to use to improve sleep owners of mobile devices to connect to your iPhone a few the Apple Watch, to use the new mode on the iPad for the educational process. Read more about all the features of iOS 9.3 can be found here.

During the test phase, access will be limited to iOS 9.3. The previous update number 9.2 became available to the public on 8 December 2015.

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