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In 2016 the iPhone, iPad and Mac computers will surpass sales of Windows devices

By 2017, Windows will be the third leading operating system in the world market of computer electronics. On the second place according to the degree of implementation, ahead of Windows will be released soon on Apple and its iOS platform and OS X, the first of which is used in smartphones iPhone and tablets iPad and the Mac computers. Dailycomm reports about it with reference to the Gartner report.

According to analysts, in 2015, Windows will be set to 308 million units or 12.9% of projected throughput electronics 2.4 billion PCs, including desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, ultrabooks and mobile phones. Almost 80% of the total number of devices will be smartphones, most of which will be running Android.

Interestingly, Gartner’s previous forecast, published in July this year, included the shipment of all types of Windows devices at the level of 323 million shares, which corresponds to an equity index at 13.2%.

Adjustment in the smaller party even more apparent in the forecast for the longer term. In March, experts expect the supply and share of Windows devices in 2017 at the level of 383 million and 14.4% in July, the rating was reduced to 370 million and 14.1%, and in September the study has already been said about the results in 326 million and 12.9%.

In other words, the analysts suggest that the weakening position of Windows and the rate of retreat is accelerating. In the absence of positive dynamics at the Windows, the second most popular OS in the global electronics market after Android in 2017 will be iOS/OS X. it Is notable that analysts see mobile and computer platform from Apple, as a whole, in the same way as in the case with different versions of Windows.

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In Gartner believe that in 2015, iOS/OS X will run 298 million units or 12.4% of the total supplied to the market of computer devices. After a year, the total supply of Apple products made 326,6 million units, ahead of the result Windows in 325,9 million units.

However, the Microsoft operating systems and Apple is still very far from Android. In 2017, shipments of devices running Google’s will increase to 1.6 billion units, and share of the platform will be measured 65%. For comparison, in 2015 the figures are expected to be 1.3 billion and 54%.

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