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Apple has patented a new optical connector that could replace Lightning

Last year, Apple announced the iPad Pro, which was the first device of the company with connector Smart Connector, which is designed to connect an external keyboard. According to a new patent, the company in Cupertino are developing an optical connector of a new generation which may appear in future models of the iPhone, iPad, MacBook and other Apple devices.

Apple’s new patent issued on Wednesday, the Bureau of patents and trademark United States. According to the description of the technology, this connector does not occur on the body and can serve not only for connecting external accessories, but also for charging devices, allowing you to send and receive optical signals through special holes.

Apple wants to make Smart Connector, a new generation was difficult to notice with the naked eye. In the description of the document stated that the connector consists of many imperceptible holes through which will pass the optical signal. With this connection you can not only connect to external accessories or to perform exercises, but also to perform data transmission while consuming less power than in the case with Bluetooth.

The patent notes that the new optical connector can be universal for all Apple devices, including iPad, iPhone, iMac, MacBook, and various accessories: keyboards, game controllers, docking stations, and holographic projection systems, heart rate sensors and Pro.

It is possible that in one of the next generation iPhone and iPad optic connector will be replaced by the Lightning port that will go after forgotten now 30-pin connector and a 3.5 mm audio Jack which is absent in the iPhone 7.

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