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Huawei is very close to Apple in number of phones sold

According to Counterpoint, in the second quarter of 2017, Apple has sold only 6 % more phones than Huawei.

The gap in sales between Apple and Huawei small as ever. Apple, which ranked second in the world in terms of phones sold in the second quarter of 2017 sold 41 million iPhone, and the next Huawei, which occupies the same ranking in third place thanks to the popularity in China and Europe, sold 38.5 million copies over the same period.

Performance of Huawei go up by 20% compared to the same period last year, while Apple’s growth has increased by only 2%. Despite the fact that Apple is losing in sales by Samsung and maybe eventually to concede second place and Huawei, in Cupertino do not see reasons for concern, as the company was and remains the absolute leader in profit growth.

“Apple is the most profitable smartphone brand in the world, but this does not mean that they do not experience difficulties,” says Neil Shah (Neil Shah) of Counterpoint.

Apple is losing its share in China where, on the contrary, become more and more successful brands such as Huawei and Oppo.

“Apple in China are falling, with the release of iPhone6 and 6Plus, and the most profitable companies in China 2014”

Oppo and Xiaomi, two Chinese giant, has grown significantly over recent years. In Oppo sold 30.5 million phones in the second quarter and showed sales growth of 33%, and similar parameters Xiaomi accounted for, respectively, 23.3 million copies and 60%.

Despite the rapid growth of competitors, the leader is still Samsung c impressive at 80.4 million of phones sold during the quarter. The performance of its Korean rival LG, meanwhile, are falling compared to the previous year, and the number of copies sold compared to other companies, not so impressive – 13.3 million for the quarter.



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