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How to use the chapters in the app “Podcasts” on your iOS 12

In addition to the many changes in iOS 12 Beta 2, the app “Podcasts” features a new section “Chapters”, which simplifies listening to podcasts on your smartphone.

The head can be useful for long podcasts or when you need to find the beginning of certain topics. This section has long been present in popular third-party clients, such as Pocket Casts and Overcast, but now he appeared in a native application “Podcasts” for iOS.

How to use podcasts in iOS Chapter 12:

  • The app “Podcasts” you need to select the episode which supports navigation through chapters. It must manually add the podcast authors.
  • During playback of the podcast, swipe up to see additional sections. “Chapters” located after the description of the issue.
  • If a podcast is playing you can also select a Chapter to jump to it. If reproduction release is suspended, you will have to manually activate it after selecting the Chapter.
  • In the “Heads” has a feature: during the playback of the selected section, shown on the right purple icon of equalizer.

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