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Apple without explanation removed first in the assortment of the shop a virtual reality helmet for iPhone

Apple is not the first time refuses to sell certain products in their online store. Sometimes it is associated with trials, as in the case with Nokia. This time from the catalog of the shop “Apple” of the company excluded the helmet of a virtual reality View-Master, designed to work with iPhone.

Despite the interest of Apple to promising market for VR, its own Microsoft-enabled virtual reality does not yet exist. Appearance in the online store the company’s first third-party gadget observers interpreted as an endorsement of the technology by the manufacturer. However, a year after the appearance of the range of the device View-Master, the product was removed.

Kit called Mattel View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack was a holder for the iPhone and was used to reproduce a panoramic photo and video, and VR-applications. The front of the gadget is a plastic pocket for a smartphone. The user needs to place the iPhone with a diagonal from 4 to 5.5 inches, positioning it so that it was approximately in the center and you can start to dive into virtual reality.

Under the View-Master has developed a special application which allows iPhone shows two separate images for each eye that allows you to view stereoscopic 3D videos. Cost the headset is only $ 30.

According to rumors, Apple is developing its own virtual reality glasses. This may explain such an unexpected move of the company. That would be the result, not the cause of removal of the product, to explain his action cupertinos did not.

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