How Apple Repair Service Center Survives

I talked with our friends from the iSupport service and I want to tell how the business survives on the example of one of the top Moscow services for the repair of Apple equipment.

How Apple Repair Service Center Survives

Specialists are always needed

Service is not only spare parts and components, but also people, specialists in equipment repair. Everything is in order with the staff, they do not fire anyone, they do not cut them, their salaries are the same. All masters can take on the repair of an iPhone, MacBook or iPad, in times of crisis it is difficult to be a specialist only on phones or tablets.

How Apple Repair Service Center Survives

Devices are disinfected during repairs, all masked employees are safety and health care above all.

We are going to you

In the current conditions, when leaving the house without a good reason is not recommended, but moving around the city by car without a special pass is not possible, the volume of orders has fallen.

This is affected by forced self-isolation, and the decline in incomes. Still, repairing an iPhone is not an essential event, and people are doing other things.

How Apple Repair Service Center Survives

For a time, iSupport employees took on the role of couriers. You can place an order on the service website, after which a specialist arrives, picks up the device, takes it to the service, it is repaired and then returned.

How Apple Repair Service Center Survives

Anti-crisis measures

The reasons for contacting the iSupport service are very different: starting from complex operations like repairing recessed phones and ending with replacing batteries and broken screens. There is no shortage of spare parts, suppliers regularly supply all the necessary components, so the devices are repaired without restrictions.

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How Apple Repair Service Center Survives

Everyone knows that breaking a screen in an iPhone means getting a decent amount. For example, replacing a display with the original Apple matrix for the iPhone XS Max costs 22,800 rubles. In a crisis, the monetary issue is particularly acute, so there are quality analogues.

How Apple Repair Service Center Survives

According to service representatives, such displays are not inferior in brightness, contrast, color reproduction and sensitivity, but they cost significantly cheaper. For the already mentioned iPhone XS Max, the screen will cost 17,800 rubles. For the iPhone 8 Plus, the original display costs 9600 rubles, the analogue costs 4300. Moreover, in any case, the service offers a one-year warranty. When there is no extra money, and you need to repair the phone as soon as possible, then this is a good option.

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What will happen next

Of course, I want to quickly return to a normal, quiet life. When you can go outside and walk, breathe air and calmly move around the city on business.

It’s a difficult time for business, especially when it comes to technology. This is not buckwheat or toilet paper; iPhones are not stocked for future use. At the same time, the demand for Apple phones was, is and will be, the more inaccessible the device, the more desirable it is.

Remember the story from the first generation iPhones, when people overpay and put up with restrictions in order to seize the desired device. The same thing will happen now, prices will simply rise, the equipment will become even less accessible, and the services will repair the equipment as they repair the new and old devices.

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If you have your own story and you want to share it, you can write me an email (email protected) and tell me how your business works.

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