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FSO supported a possible blocking of Telegram messenger in Russia

27.06.2017 0 Comments

Deputy Director of the Federal security service (FSS) Nikolay Kondratyuk said that the blocking of Telegram messenger in Russia is justified from the point of view of security. According to him, the position of the FSB should be supported.

FSO supported a possible blocking of Telegram messenger in Russia

“It is a subject which belongs to the sphere of activities of the FSB, and all that now, they explain, personally from myself I will say that this is the right position… It should be supported — I do not say that close (the messenger) — it is necessary to some extent to help the special services to control this area. This is my personal opinion”, — said Kondratyuk.

Earlier, the FSB delivered a message in which he speaks of the “total” use by attackers of the messenger Telegram. In particular, investigators found that the suicide bomber committed a terrorist attack in the subway of Saint-Petersburg, used for the bombing in the subway that killed 15 people, this messenger.

The secret service said that the program needed terrorists “to conceal their criminal intentions at all stages of organization and preparation of a terrorist act”.

The selection of fighters Telegram is due to the ability to fully anonymize messages, FSB. The fact that this messenger gives you the ability to create secret chats, which was used by the organizers and perpetrators of terrorist acts.

FSO supported a possible blocking of Telegram messenger in Russia

Last week Roskomnadzor has urged the Telegram founder Pavel Durov to comply with Russian legislation and to provide information for inclusion in the register of the organizers of disseminating information. The Minister pointed out that the time for compliance is short and in case of further ignoring the messenger will be blocked in Russia.

Durov, in turn, said that the blocking neutral to Russia service is not in the interests of the country, as other messengers like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger is controlled by the United States. Moreover, Durov believes that the messenger may not be “unsafe” only to potential criminals — the encryption of these services either equally protects all users or all puts them at risk.

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