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Why Apple need to focus on hardcore gamers, and why it does not

In 2016, the revenue of the global video game industry exceeded $90 billion, mainly due to mobile platforms such as iPhone and iPad. We are talking about casual projects – Pokémon Go, Words With Friends, Clash Royale, etc.

Apple is beneficial to promote these apps in the App Store, as they are very popular among users, and the company gets 30% of the total volume of transactions in your store. Of course, the “Apple” directory, you can find more serious projects, such as Fire Emblem Heroes from Nintendo. But the App Store does not find anything that could compare with the level games Dark Souls, Civilization VI or Titanfall 2 for consoles and PC.

The roots of the problem lie in the interface. Small screen offers less space for buttons, images and text, and touch not suitable for the serious first-person shooters and other games where precise control is required. These problems could be solved with game controllers, but Apple won’t let them go, and third-party devices are not optimized at the appropriate level. Recall that the attempts of the company to launch its own gaming service Game Center has failed.

Macs are better for hardcore gamers due to the “traditional” way of management, more efficient processors and access to game services such as Valve Stream. But there is the problem of the relation of price and performance. As a rule, Macs more expensive than comparable solutions on Windows. the iMac could very well be suitable for performance-sensitive games, but all-in-ones Apple is unlikely to attract players in Call of Duty.

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It is a vicious circle. Developers don’t create games for Mac, not only because of hardware and software incompatibility, but because of the small audience. And gamers are not switching to Apple computers because of insufficient range of games.

Why Apple should focus on “serious” gamers? The answer is obvious — profit. Many players are willing to spend on your hobby tens of thousands of rubles. And it’s not just about the games but about the accessories, components and Donato. If Apple managed to create a world-class platform for serious games, it would be able to get an incredible profit.

Why Apple does not? Because the company does pretty well with the iPhone and is very good with iPad and Mac. So why risk a winning strategy for possible success?

Besides high-end gaming computers and consoles require expensive components. To compete with the prices from manufacturers such as Dell and MSI, the company will have to accept lower profits, but it is not in its traditions.

The problem also lies in the upgrade. Hardcore gamers regularly upgrade the components to keep their systems at a high level. Apple produces premium devices with emphasis on design and with the upgrade there are serious problems.

Thus, even with the new modular Mac Pro in 2018, the situation is unlikely to change. To do this, Apple will have to radically change the long-established corporate philosophy.

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