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Fraudsters under the guise of administration WhatsApp extort money for saving account

International antivirus company ESET has warned users of the popular WhatsApp messenger on a new wave of spam.

WhatsApp is in April 2015 exceeded 800 million monthly active users. This was reported in social networks Jan koum, founder and CEO of service. According to the forecasts of the current owners (in February 2014 the messenger was purchased by Facebook), by the end of 2015 the number of users will exceed 1 billion people.

In the last few days WhatsApp users actively send each other a message stating that the service will soon be paid. To use the messenger on the same terms, it is necessary to confirm its status as an active user, sending a warning to the ten contacts from your address book. As the author of the original message specified “Jim balsamic CEO of WhatsApp”.

“Please do not ignore this message. Otherwise your WhatsApp account will be deleted within the next 48 hours, ” said in a spam mailing list. – If you want to reactivate an account after removal, keep in mind that the cost will be 25 dollars. The WhatsApp team thanks you for your cooperation.”

Similar spam spread among Russian-speaking audience WhatsApp in 2013. Then unknown to the authors argued that users did not confirm the status, will pay EUR 0.01 for each new message.

These terms of use WhatsApp presented on the official website of the program. At the moment, the messenger is free to download and use in the first year. Further, the subscription price is 0.99 $ per year. Deleting and reinstalling the program does not cancel the subscription.

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Experts recommend to ignore spam and not waste time forwarding. Current news about WhatsApp harmless and only leads to a flow of traffic, but in these messages may be malicious links.

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