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What will be the car from Apple

Apple has parted ways with plans to create your TV, but continues to develop its own car, which will go on the roads by 2020. What will be the car from the manufacturer of the iPhone and other iconic gadgets?

According to Bloomberg, in February 2015 in the project on creation of the car was attended by about 200 people. Many of them were experts not only in the automotive industry, but in the storage and recovery of electricity, as well as in robotics.

However, we cannot say that Apple decided to reinvent the car: many employees the company lured from Tesla Motors — the company Elon musk, which is now considered the most innovative automakers.

Other sources of personnel for this project was based automotive giants General Motors, Ford and Daimler. The development lead is the Vice-President of Apple, Steve Sadecki, which in 90-e years worked as an engineer at Ford and studied at the universities of Berkeley and Stanford’s program in mechanical engineering.

The company A123, which is engaged in the development of batteries, even initiated legal proceedings against Apple for what she lured her to his chief engineer, the Mujib the above image. He 16 years in Ford and A123 was engaged, in particular, the development of systems for the recovery of kinetic energy for race cars “Formulas-1”. At the last place of work, the engineer received a monthly salary of $294 million In A123 said that after poaching Apple employees could gain access to corporate secrets and internal documents, and linked the impending lawsuit.

A large number of employees, specializing in the rechargeable batteries and electricity don’t need Apple to create an iPhone with a bigger battery. Obviously, if the company from Cupertino to release the car, it will be an electric car. At least because Apple has positioned itself as an innovative company, and the internal combustion engine is not even past, and already the nineteenth century. The company understands that the future lies in electric vehicles. In addition, competition in the market of cars with internal combustion engines already extremely high, and there is a new player nothing, said “the Newspaper”.

Another thing — electric cars. There is not so many players, and the emergence of a new manufacturer could seriously change the existing status quo.

Besides, we must not forget that their own cars prepares and Google, and they already licensed for testing on public roads. Apple is in any case can not afford to miss this market, its main competitor.

According to Western media, the project of electric car from Apple is called “Titan”. The work conducted at the building research company SixtyEight Research. The website of the company contains absolutely no information. Yes, and the space located in Sunnyvale, a few kilometers from the main Apple building in Cupertino, runs on all municipal documents, not as an office, but as a “truck repair shop”. The dimensions of the room are 393,8 m2 and in the company itself it is codenamed SG5. Journalists who tried to enter the building, stumbled upon the closed the mirrored door through which it is impossible to see the contents of the room.

According to available information, to go on a road project “Titan” needs in 2020. In turn, Tesla Motors and General Motors are preparing to release a new generation of electric vehicles as early as 2017. They will differ by the fact that one charge will be enough for more than 320 km, and the cost will be below $40 thousand

Now on U.S. roads eyewitnesses noticed mysterious vans Dodge with cameras on the roof. The Western media, citing its own sources clearly say that these vans are owned by Apple.

However, their purpose is still unknown, and experts doubt that they tested any components of the future car from Cupertino. Most likely, these cars are analogues of Street View cars out of the garage Google, which make circular images and stick them together in panorama city streets. However, it can be assumed that the vehicles equipped with autopilots and the company with their help in perfecting the technology of unmanned vehicles.

Cars with designs from Apple there are now. The company introduced its CarPlay system, which is integrated into the vehicle’s onboard computer. Using CarPlay to iOS smartphone and car electronics can be synchronized. This allows you to control the iPhone without being distracted from the road.

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