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Experts recommend to stick with the iPhone camera after the latest WikiLeaks revelations

While some of the American public were waiting for dirt on the President of the United States Donald trump, wanting to reason for impeachment, became a real sensation of new publication on WikiLeaks.

7818 web pages, 943 of the application — this is the volume of the latest WikiLeaks revelations. And this is only the first part — then there will be more. The leak has already called the largest in the history of the CIA, and journalists seek any means to raise the circulation of information, which concealed the intelligence Department.

One of the biggest themes of this leaks information about what the CIA for years found gaps in the operating systems iOS and Android. Instead of having to report these vulnerabilities, Apple and Google, the Agency secretly enjoyed discovered “holes” of safety in their own interests.

“Now the CIA lost control of his cyberarena. We are talking about Trojans, viruses, malware of spyware, designed for penetration into smartphones, TVs, laptops. To be able to control them remotely to remove the information, to enable or disable them” – said the chief editor of WikiLeaks Julian Assange.

Now dangerous even turning off the TV — especially judging by the published documents, a “smart” phone from Samsung. Supposedly they secretly can record sound and transmit information to the CIA on the servers with the expected name — “Pocket Putin”. The meaning of the request “switch off their mobile phones” will never be the same.

Analyst Lionel nation is not paranoid. But his advice on maintaining the confidentiality of the tension only grows. To seal the phone’s camera, he recommends the use of any sticker, but what to do with the microphone, the expert did not specify.

“You can’t turn off iPhone with the simple press of a button. Perhaps you will think that I turned it off, but actually it is not. It still works, because he just can’t pull the battery. Good luck!” the expert stated.

The founder of Facebook mark Zuckerberg always knew it. First, a photo of him taped to the camera and microphone on a laptop caused a smile. But in the end, the jokes gave way to reflection: the leader of the industry could not do this.

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