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The Creator of the jailbreak for iOS published a photo of a hacked Nintendo console Switch

The developer of the jailbreak for iOS Luke Todesco hinted at the upcoming release exploits for new portable Nintendo Switch. Creator utility yalu102 intended for hacking iOS 10.2, plans to release an exploit for the Japanese game console.

In the photo published Todesco in his Twitter account, Nintendo demonstrates how to Switch on the screen which displays “Done” (“done”). Thus, the hacker hinted at the successful hacking of the device.

The developers noted that he had to make changes to the app simply by removing part of the code, designed for iPhone and iPad. Todesco has not yet provided any evidence of hacking, in addition to the pictures, but iOS users have criticized hacker for excessive zeal. The fact that the latest jailbreak tool is not working on latest version of the OS and Todesco says nothing about the possibility of hacking iOS 10.2.1 in the near future.

It is known that Todesco managed to crack Nintendo Switch through browser vulnerabilities. Previously, the hackers were able to access the full version of the app for browsing websites by using DNSwitch. By default, the regular functions of a browser is limited.

While hacking Nintendo Switch is not quite complete. At the moment, has not yet formed the jailbreak community around the new console, the developers have not prepared any third-party applications. Most likely, in the future, Nintendo will close the vulnerability together with the next OS update, as Apple does.

Selling Nintendo Switch started March 3. The first buyers of the device have found many bugs in the device-related software and hardware. Among the most frequent complaints – shutoff Joy-Con, dead pixels on the screen, image problems, overheating and a number of other problems.

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