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By 2020, paying with Apple Pay will become ubiquitous in Russia

The Russians are very well received by Apple Pay — making purchases with a smartphone. As reported by “Izvestia” with reference to the report of the Bank, by 2020, all payment terminals in our country will support the contactless payment technology, by itself, the payment from your smartphone will become a habit. Now the Russians most often pay with gadgets food in supermarkets and fast food restaurants.

iPhone become full-fledged means of payment most recently — in the fall of 2016. To pay for the purchase, the smartphone is applied to the terminal and the purchase amount is debited from the Bank card. According to forecasts of the Bank, by 2020, all POS terminals in Russia will support the technology of contactless payment.

“Now the payment system insist on acquiring banks when installing a new POS-terminals installed devices that support contactless payments — explained the head of Department of development of mobile services of the Bank Pavel Mikhalev. — Given the convenience and speed of contactless payment — as card and using gadgets — for the next three years we expect global update devices on the market.”

According to J’son & Partners Consulting, on the first day of availability Apple Pay in Russia to smartphones “tied” their cards 20,000 customers — a record for Apple Pay in the world. J’son & Partners Consulting notes that in Russia, 200 000 terminals, allowing to pay purchases from their mobile.

Now the most popular category of expenditures of Russians from mobile — the purchase of food. IPhone owners pay 36.5% of the purchases in supermarkets and 25.5% in restaurants fast food. Other categories of spending by citizens using cell as contactless Bank cards, is less than 10%. For example, in restaurants iPhone owners make 6.9% of the operations. At markets and in grocery stores, the owners of smartphones Apple pay 2.5% of purchases. Transport owners of the iPhone accounts for 2.5% of operations.

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According to the Director of products and projects of e-business at Alfa-Bank Tatiana Yarmola, 70% of purchases from mobile is made in supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, bars.

With regard to transportation, not everywhere it is possible now to pay with a contactless Bank card — and, accordingly, the smartphone, said the representative of the Bank.

The most active pay by phone citizens aged 26-35 years. According to the Bank, among iPhone owners these of 43.7%. Customers 36-45 years are also showing interest in purchasing a cell phone. Among iPhone owners 24%. A little less active young people 18-25 years. Cell pay 17.8% of iPhone owners.

According to analysts, this year the Russians will be much more active to pay for purchases with a cell phone. According to her, people like payment by mobile — it is perceived by customers as convenient and safe, very quickly becomes a habit.

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