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Built-in screen fingerprint scanner illuminates the display smartphones

According to rumors, Apple intends to introduce in the new iPhone 8 innovative fingerprint scanner that will be embedded in the screen of the smartphone . But in the way of developers is a serious problem with brightness of display panel.

A source in the industry claims that the display-integrated biometric module leads to an imbalance of brightness. The area with the scanner looks noticeably brighter than the rest of the screen. Therefore, this scanner may not be in the smartphone Galaxy Note 8.

Illustration for the article was created in a graphical editor, however, it was alleged that she displays around the problem. Oblast, which is a fingerprint scan is too bright, and manufacturers can not balance the brightness of the displays with a built-in fingerprint scanner.

At the moment there is no information about how common a problem, but it is suggested that the manufacturer has managed to create a prototype display, the brightness is perfectly balanced. Only that the reject rate in the manufacture of screens with a built-in fingerprint scanner is too high.

According to rumors, the technology is ready for mass production before the end of this year. Perhaps its commercial incarnation, we will see only next year.

Last week we wrote that the first screen is integrated in the fingerprint scanner demonstrated the Chinese manufacturers. In social networks there was even a video of the vivo smartphone, which is supposedly unlocked by the tap of a finger on the display.

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