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5 features we expect in iOS 11

5 June will open the annual conference for developers WWDC 2017. At this event Apple will unveil a software update for the iOS platform 11.

The first version of the system was presented 10 years ago with the original iPhone model. Since the manufacturer is constantly improving his software platform, releasing regular updates. What the new Apple can show the world this year? Below are five new features we’d like to see in iOS 11.

What do we expect from iOS 11
1. Close all background applications

The ability to switch between apps in the multitasking drawer is great. Unfortunately, close card programs have one. The appearance of the button “close all” would be a great addition in a future version of the system.

Probability: 20%

2. Association Apple Music and iTunes

It is difficult to identify songs purchased on iTunes, from those stored in Apple Music. Also, when you listen to the new album in iTunes, there is a simple and convenient way to download it through the Apple Music.

11 in the iOS pages iTunes subscribers Apple Music should be a button to stream or purchase tracks. Thus, all of the songs in the Music app can be marked as “bought” and “played”.

Probability: 50%

3. iPadOS

The time has come when Apple need to think about branded tablets, and to develop a dedicated software platform. The new platform iPadOS could combine the features of iOS and macOS. The target audience will be users of iPad Pro.

Perhaps the manufacturer you need to look for inspiration in the Microsoft Surface.

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Probability: 40%

4. Update standard applications

In iOS 10 the company has updated the apps “Messages” and “Photo”. A year earlier, in iOS 9 has been improved “Notes”, and also appeared the Apple News.

In this update Apple is to pay attention to “Mail” and “Calendar”.

Probability: 80%

5. Support account or guest login

Hard to believe that Apple still has not added support accounts, and even guest access for applications and devices in General. This possibility would be useful for families with young children, especially for the iPad.

Probability: 30%

What will be in iOS 11

At the moment about iOS update 11 little is known. According to rumors, the company is preparing to introduce the following functions:

The dark interface mode. The new design is intended to complement the previously presented functions Night Shift and True Tone. In addition, this mode will be useful on the iPhone 8 OLED display, as it will allow you to save battery power due to the lack of illumination of dark pixels.

The group calls. It is expected that the company will launch group chat in FaceTime with the ability to simultaneously connect up to five people. It is worth noting that Microsoft’s Skype already offers such a feature.

Improved Siri assistant. Voice assistant can obtain a contextual learning as well as deeper integration with iMessage and iCloud. If the information is confirmed, Siri will be a worthy response to Google and Samsung Assistant Bixby.

Release date iOS 11

Apple is expected to announce a software platform 11 iOS in June at WWDC 2017. 5 Jun debuts first beta of the new operating system to developers, the Release of the final version will be held in the fall along with the new Apple flagships.

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