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Bendable smartphone Samsung will be presented in 2018

Samsung is preparing to release a smartphone with a folding display. According to the latest data, the novelty will be presented next year.

Rumors that Samsung is working on a smartphone with a folding display, appeared earlier this year. Recently data about the release of a new device becoming more. Last week it became known that Samsung has applied for certification of a new device in the National radioizluchenie Agency of South Korea (the equivalent of the Federal communications Commission USA).

The Korean edition Etnews revealed new details of the release. Resource refers to the statement of the head of the division of Samsung in the production of smartphones To Dong-Jin. According to a top Manager of the company, release the folding of the smartphone is scheduled for 2018.

“We set the vector of development of fibre composite smartphone and our goal is to imagine it in 2018 — said To Dong-Jin. — At the moment we are working to resolve some of the problems and show the device as soon as get rid of them”.

Dong-Jin also said that the company needs time for development and implementation of the idea of bendable smartphone come to life.

“Despite the fact that we really want to create a folding smartphone, we still need some time, because the current level of technology does not allow us to produce a device that would satisfy users”, — said the head of Samsung.

According Etnews, Samsung is working on a smartphone with a folding display inside for the last 4-5 years. This variant of the bendable screen was originally selected by the company. Later, the Department of design and development decided to expand the display and open it from the inside out. The final version of the phone will still bend inwards. The publication notes that due to long-term development of display hanging inside, now Samsung designers have a sufficient store of technology and knowledge, allowing you to create a real device, still remained just an idea.

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