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YouTube-blogger staged an underwater unboxing iPhone 8

YouTube-blogger Zack Nelson on his channel jerryrigeverything once unpacked iPhone 8 under water, and also showed that is the protection of the smartphone from moisture.

Last year Apple added to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus standard water resistance. This year the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus received a similar standard of IP 67, which allows the device to be under water on depth to one meter for 30 minutes. Nilsson has shown how protection against the ingress of moisture into the interior of the housing of the smartphone, guess that’s why the novelty has not received a higher standard of protection IP 68.

For example, the iPhone 8 in Golden color blogger has shown that all the components that have outputs on the surface of the smartphone is protected by a rubber layer. According to Nielson, the weakest link in the chain protect the iPhone from moisture is the charging port Lightning. Despite the fact that this is the largest hole through which the inside of the case can get water, the port is protected by a thin layer of sealant. The blogger believes that the weak hardwired Lightning connector Apple couldn’t assign iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus standard waterproof IP 68 as Samsung Galaxy S8.

The presence of standard water resistance protects the iPhone from accidental fall into the water, but it is worth remembering that a smartphone is not designed for constant exposure to moisture. Proof of this is the lack of warranty repair in case of damage to the internal components of the iPhone water.

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