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Apple: the first devices for smart home HomeKit will appear in June

Soon the market will be the first electronic devices that are compatible with the platform of a smart home HomeKit, according to Apple. To buy such products can be, starting next month.

“HomeKit platform was launched just a few months ago, and we already have dozens of partners that can produce compatible products. We look forward to the first copies, which will go on sale next month,” said the company.

The HomeKit system was introduced along with iOS 8 last fall. With its help, the iPhone and iPad owners can manage smart devices, including using the voice assistant Siri. Not so long ago vendors Broadcom, Marvell and Texas Instruments have started shipping chips with support for HomeKit. Thus, in the very near future will go on sale equipment that is compatible with a promising platform.

Products to create a “smart” home still suffered from compatibility issues, so the owners of such households could take a lot of effort to really start to work. The universal standard is intended to solve the main problem, forcing all devices to function through the most popular on the market of mobile gadgets.

It is expected that at WWDC 2015, scheduled for June 8, will be presented the first devices to HomeKit platform and a new generation Apple TV, which will become the Central node for smart home.

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