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Apple tested the autopilot system

Under project Titan, Apple is testing the autopilot system, which can be installed on the roof of the car. The quality of the car for a test drive was selected Lexus SUV.

All elements of the autopilot Apple, including the computer center, located on the roof of the car. This allows a better view for cameras and sensors.

In most prototypes of the autopilot other companies computer center occupies the entire Luggage compartment, which is not very comfortable for long journeys and travel.

The autopilot system includes 6 Apple lidar — active optical range finders, and radar. The location of the sensors allows to obtain a detailed picture of what is happening around the car.

Going to need more than 140 characters to go over ?’s Project Titan. I call it “The Thing”

— MacCallister Higgins (@macjshiggins) October 17, 2017

For installation of the autopilot Apple is not required to make constructive changes to the structure of the car. The system uses a mounting for an external trunk, located directly on the roof. This simplifies the mounting of the pilot, and replacement of test machines for further experiment.

Such a solution would allow Apple to introduce the autopilot system as additional equipment that can be used on most modern cars.

Previously, Apple was working on a project to create a car controlled by the AI, but, apparently, decided to proceed to develop a more versatile product.

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