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Run Pokemon Go in Russia has been postponed indefinitely

Run Pokemon Go in Russia has been postponed indefinitely due to issues with the servers. This was reported in the Russian branch of Nintendo. The company is a co-owner of the American company Niantic, which owns the Pokemon Go.

Earlier managers of the Russian office, Nintendo announced that the launch of Pokemon Go to Russia will happen until July 17 inclusive. On the project website stated that the game will appear in Russia in the near future.” As it happens, due to problems with servers that run the game was postponed. Because of similar problems Pokemon Go is not yet available even in Japan.

“The Niantic servers, game developer, can not handle the load despite the constant upgrade. This is largely due to the influx of players from countries where the game was not officially released. In Russia, Pokemon Go in the near future will not work, although it will bring some losses,” — said the source.

The game was released for mobile platforms iOS and Android on July 6 and since then, beats records of popularity and downloads in the U.S. and other regions where it is already available. Release for Russia was not yet, but many fans of pokemon are already playing them.

Pokemon Go requires users to physically move in the real world, to collect and pump your pokemon (pocket monster, i.e. pocket monsters), to join the team to participate in tournaments against other players.

How to install Pokemon Go in Russia can be found on this page. Cheats and tips for the game posted here.

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