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Apple has developed headphones “for two”

Did you happen to be in the plane with a loved one and you were the only one earphone? Or in the bus with someone who is dead smartphone or player? For all that you had only one iPhone for two. Specially for such cases, Apple has developed a “smart” headphones that change the play settings audio depending on how many people use them.

According to the description of the development, if Apple earphones “understand” that they wore not one person but two, then each of the users can listen to their own music. Alternatively on both channels you can submit the same entry (combining two stereo channels into one).

To determine the number of users it is planned to use different sensors. One option is the tension measurement “fork” (item cable in which one wire from the player disconnects two wires to the headphones) – resistive or capacitive sensor. In another embodiment of the cable serves to embed the optical fiber, the curvature of which is measured by a goniometer.

Patent application titled “Headphones with orientation sensors cable” dated November 2012. The document issued by the Bureau of patents and trademarks USA on 2 June.

It should be noted that this is not the first Apple patents headphones. The company has previously applied for a variety of developments, among which technology is described, fundamentally solves the problem of loose cables. It involves the use of alternately interleaved soft or more rigid segments of the cord.

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