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Apple decided to become a mobile operator

According to the resource BusinessInsider, Apple intends to become a virtual mobile operator (MVNO). The company is already testing the technology closer networks work with iOS devices.

According to the sources, Apple will become a virtual mobile operator and will begin to provide appropriate services. The company does not have its own mobile infrastructure, so it will start the services on the networks of other operators. Apple wants to make deals with companies AT&T or Sprint, you know the source BusinessInsider. The newspaper notes that the iPhone developed by Apple, is also produced in factories other vendors.

Apple seeks to become the operator of a large scale. Compared with traditional mobile operators operations “Apple” of the Corporation would be less than significant, but noticeable enough. Talking about the launch of virtual networks in the U.S. and Europe. The company has developed and is going to add to the ecosystem of mobile communications new technologies that will contribute to the development of the industry. Apple is hoping that these technologies will assess clients and partners who, in turn, will be able to adopt.

Despite the beginning of preparations for the launch of the virtual connection, the sources indicates that in the near future should not expect the announcement of a new service. From the beginning of testing before the launch of the new operator can take up to five years. This step of the technology giant says that his interests extended beyond the usual devices and Internet services: the company intends to affect the delivery methods of the Internet.

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It is worth noting that in April this year Google launched a similar project. But the company uses a network of U.S. operators Sprint, T-Mobile and Wi-Fi. Proprietary technology allows the smartphone to switch between the three sources, choosing the one that currently provides the best signal. The device can be switched even during the conversation, naturally, without interruption.

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