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Apple came up with an unusual way to protect iPhone in the fall

Apple continues to patent their ideas. This week, the company received a patent on the technology of active protection iPhone drops, which can protect from mechanical damage the screen of the mobile device.

The Bureau on registration of patents and trademarks United States has granted Apple a new patent that has room 9612622. In the paper entitled “Active protection of electronic devices” describes a system to protect the gadgets from damage due to accidental fall.

The intention of the Apple iPhone can be equipped with a retractable shock absorbers that will protect the screen from hitting the ground. The technology assumes that the time of the fall iPhone will detect the device with flexible or rigid feet leave special grooves on the edges of the case. The latter will perform a cushioning role when the device in contact with the surface. To determine the time of the fall will involve the sensors, which are equipped with the most modern devices. In particular, accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, etc.

Also in the patent offers a few ideas on how to make the active protection system less visible.

Plans to implement the system of protection in new Apple devices information yet. However, if serious doubts that the iPhone will be equipped with such a protective mechanism, since it implies the existence of additional mechanical components. This will increase the cost of production cost of the devices and complicate the repair process.

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