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Apple said that the Russian legislation is incorrect

This week was postponed a hearing on the claim of the Russian users of the iPhone against Apple. The plaintiff Dmitry Petrov claims that the smartphone manufacturer overstates the amount of internal memory of smartphones.

Muscovite has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of gadgets once found that they bought the iPhone 6s is stated in the specifications 16 GB of memory actually turned out to be available only to about 12 GB.

According to Life, in court, Apple representatives said that the system of calculation used by the American company, in line with international standards. In Russian legislation, in their opinion, “a mistake”.

“I was surprised not only that the defendant refers to the use of own accounting system memory, but the assumption that in the Russian legislation mistakenly used a different system memory”, – said the plaintiff.

Initially deceived the buyer tried to solve the problem without a trial. But to take iPhone to the shop it did not work: the sales staff, and even on the official Apple support informed him that a similar situation of discrepancy of the declared and the actual memory is the norm.

Petrov requires the court to fine the company for cheating customers and to oblige her to pay him nearly 54 000 for the phone and about 45, 000 spent on costs.

The hearing postponed to 22 may.

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