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All Macs and iOS devices contain a vulnerability in the processor

Apple has posted a comment about newly discovered vulnerabilities Meltdown and the Spectre in Intel and ARM.

The representatives of the Corporation announced that all Mac computers and iOS devices are under potential threat. But the number of vulnerabilities that developers and hackers have not yet discovered. That is to hack the iPhone or MacBook, need to install special malicious software.

In this regard, Apple advises users to download games and applications only from trusted sources. For example, from the App Store.

The company confirmed that 10.13.2 macOS, iOS 11.2 and 11.2 tvOS contain patches that protect the system from malware. The Apple Watch is not affected by the discovered vulnerabilities. Also in the near future Apple will release an update for Safari, which should prevent the hacking of systems through the browser.

Apple representatives also noted that the released hotfix does not affect the performance of the devices. The company tested the macOS and iOS in benchmarks and have not noticed any visible changes in speed.

In conclusion, Apple added that the programmers of the Corporation will continue to work on implementing new security tools, until you can fully protect macOS, iOS and tvOS.

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