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8 features that Android had stolen from iOS

It is no secret that Apple to its operating system copies some functions of Android. Among the obvious borrowing – widgets, the function Raise to Wake, face detection in Photos, “clear all” for notifications. But Google also does not hesitate to take a good function in iOS. Time-tested features of “Apple” of the platform is reflected in the latest versions of Android.

The creators of both OS do not hesitate to include in their product decisions and findings of competitors, says Mobile Review. Below are the 8 most outstanding borrowing ideas Google its main competitor.

1. Native support for the thumbprint scanner. Yes, Apple engineers have set the “bar” as its Touch ID, whose idea did not fail to borrow their counterparts on Android. After that we saw Android Pay using a payment authentication by fingerprint, but until the release of Marshmallow similar functionality for owners of Android-devices were not available.

2. Full control permissions for apps. New feature allowed us to more accurately define the resolution for each program.

3. Comfortable working with text. Fortunately, the time when this was not possible in Android, seems far away and almost unreal. How do we cope with this everyday task?

4. Sleep Doze. Mode, effectively limiting the number of background processes were represented in the Marshmallow, the time, as iOS users a similar mode was available with the seventh version of the OS.

5. Multi window mode. A function appeared in Android N its prototype was the appropriate mode in the iPad. It is worth noting that the Android idea was modified and functionally superior to an analogue of iOS 9. in any mode is available not only on tablets but also on smartphones and allows you to have application both horizontally and vertically, with the possibility of additional split screen.

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6. “Picture in picture”. Android N debuted a new mode of “picture in picture”. It can be used during use of the device open in the corner of the video screen. The feature has been available on Apple devices with iOS 9.

7. Quick replies from notifications. In Android you can now reply to messages directly from the notification without having to open the app in full screen.

8. “Night mode”. Initially, the option was included in the beta version of Marshmallow, then it was decided to exclude from the final version and returned only after similar functionality appeared in iOS 9.3.

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