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10 jailbreak tweaks for the Apple Music [video]

Owners of iPhone and iPad with jailbreak are the first to benefit from new and useful features. If you’re lucky, then later they appear in the official release of the iOS and in the form in which you wish Apple developers.

In just a few days after the launch of Apple Music store jailbreak application submitted to the specialized design for streaming service of Apple. Each offers new possibilities for work with multimedia content.

Below is a selection of 10 of tweaks that can be useful to users of Apple’s Music:

MusicRotate: allows you to use Apple Music in a horizontal orientation.

Fuse: displays a clock on the lock screen along with the album art during music playback.

MiniPlayer. Is a powerful add-on that contains album art and buttons to control music playback. Made in the style of a mini iTunes player, which has become one of the most innovative features of the latest version of the player. Touching the window, you can put the music on pause, to enable the next or previous track.

EqualizerEverywhere is a separate add-equalizer for iOS. With its help, you can get quick access to sound settings and use them for all applications on the device. Read more about tweak here.

Muswitch: playback control panel multitasking.

Spectral: displays the album art as a background image on the lock screen of the iPhone and iPad. A more detailed description of the tweak can be found on this page.

The aspectus: playback control Apple Music in Reachability mode.

Helius 2: new interface for playback control on the overall.

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ColorFlow interface converts music Apple Music depending on the cover art of the playing track. The tweak changes the color of UI elements: buttons, icons, badges, album name and artist, volume slider, and more. An example of the work of the tweak here.

Flex 2 allows you to independently develop and tweaks to make changes to the operating system of the iPhone and iPad. Thanks Flex 2 fix at its discretion, can be almost any aspect of iOS, including Apple Music service. To learn more about this tweak we wrote here.

Below you can see videoamateur 10 jailbreak tweaks for the Apple Music prepared by the iDB:

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