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Why large iPhone will always be better than their younger versions

Buying iPhone with the prefix “Plus”, the user receives not only a larger display, but also improved performance and more RAM. And this is a big reason to pay attention to the 5.5-inch model of Apple’s smartphone.

Therefore, more and more buyers prefer a Plus version of the iPhone, raising its average cost. And this is why large iPhone will always be better than their younger counterparts.

In addition to the greater resolution of the iPhone 6 Plus, the first Apple smartphone with a 5.5-inch screen, offered optical image stabilization for higher-quality shooting in low-light conditions. iPhone 6s Plus was endowed with optical stabilization, but it also got 2 GB of RAM vs 1 GB in the normal iPhone 6s.

By far the best among all iPhone is the iPhone 7 Plus. As last year’s model Plus, it is equipped with a display with a resolution of 1080p. On the side of the iPhone 7 Plus is also a new dual camera with twice the optical zoom and portrait mode shooting. The device stands out from the smaller brother and a much better battery life that also plays into the hands of a more expensive device.

All these “chips” allow you to attract more buyers to the older and more expensive model, which every year becomes more and more popular. According to analysts Cowen & Co, the share of the iPhone 7 Plus accounts for 40% of 58,5 million iPhones sold 7 in the last quarter.

A year earlier in the same period the share of iPhone 6 Plus accounted for just 23%. According to UBS, this increase in sales contributed to the increase in the average price of Apple from $691 to $693. The increase seems to be insignificant, but thanks to Apple’s revenue in December increased by 2% in comparison with 2015.

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According to analyst Cowen & Co Tim Arcuri, last quarter Apple sold 24 million iPhone 7 Plus, which is 55% more than 15.5 million iPhone 6s Plus sold over the same period a year earlier.

Especially Plus-models are popular in the Chinese market, where Apple is very interested. More than half of buyers in China prefer the iPhone 7 Plus. In 2015, only 40% of users chose the iPhone 6s Plus. In the US sales of Plus-models increased from 35% to 47%.

The trend will continue if Apple will continue to give the older models benefits. That is why the 4.7-inch iPhone will never be as good as the older and more expensive model.

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