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Users found a way to bring back classic icon Instagram on iPhone without jailbreak

This week, Instagram updated the design and the application icon. The client interface from colored became black and white: gray and black icons placed on white background. Notifications are shown in red.

New icon Instagram has become “flat”. However, she retained the basic elements of the previous icon: the silhouette of the camera and the rainbow (the latter turned into a rainbow background). As noted by the users, Instagram latest from popular applications refused from skeuomorph style, giving the virtual objects appearance of real objects. The fact that the previous logo of the service looked like a real retro camera.

Not all users were excited about the new Instagram icon and began to look for a way to get the classic icon service. And so it was. If you have decided to bring back the old icon design Instagram, then this manual is for you. To receive the coveted icon in 4 easy steps.

How to get back old Instagram icon on iPhone:

Step 1: In mobile Safari on your iPhone open the GitHub page.

Step 2: Click “Share” on the bottom panel and select “Home screen”.

Step 3: On the next page will be a section to create a shortcut to a web page. Here you just need click “Add”.

Step 4: Now find on your home screen classic Instagram icon and click on it. A popup window will appear “Program “the Web” wants to open “Instagram”. Click “Open”.

That’s all. It must be done only once on the label with a classic Instagram icon will immediately redirect you to the service application.

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