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The UK Ministry of defence goes to the iPhone 7 due to a lack of protection for Samsung smartphone

The UK Ministry of defence abandoned the use of Android devices in favor of iPhones for internal communication system. It is reported by BT, the telecommunications company, collaborating with the British Ministry of defence (MoD).

Until recently, for negotiations in the army of Albion was a special set of Samsung smartphones based on operating system Android. It was used for rapid communication of office staff and worked on the basis of specialized software. Now, instead of Samsung phones military implement modified versions of the iPhone 7.

“We work very closely on the introduction to communication system of the Ministry of defence of the United Kingdom the so-called “dvumernogo device”, – said the representative of BT. Essentially, this means that you can pass it as an open and protected information.”

Initially, the British army used smartphones Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The experts agreed that the communications of the military to more secure modified version of the iPhone 7.

“The more tests we conducted, the more convinced that the level of protection cannot be considered sufficient,” – said in BT, noting that the iPhone provides higher level of security.

Last year it was reported that the Command of the U.S. special operations (SOCOM) switched from devices running Android on iPhone for use as a terminal of the General system of warfare. Samsung smartphones that were introduced in the framework of ATAK (Android Tactical Assault Kit), hang out and rebooted. Problems arose when trying to work with the devices in the split screen to show the route and broadcast with a camera drone.

Note that in 2013, the U.S. military abandoned the BlackBerry in favor of iOS devices. Then the Ministry of defense has ordered 650 000 iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, which have replaced older BlackBerry phones are in the pockets of American officers.

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