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The designer showed a realistic concept of iPhone 7 with dual camera and connector Smart Connector [video]

The latest rumors about iPhone 7 are rather contradictory. Some sources report that Apple only slightly change the design of the Communicator, but more focus on hardware. Others, conversely, believe that the next generation iPhone will be a product created from scratch. Anyway, the designers have their own opinion, and Creator of the concepts of Geert van Uffelen decided to make us his vision of the iPhone 7.

The artist has presented the new all-metal casing with rounded edges and antenna inserts, envelopes the body of the device. In General, the design of the iPhone 7 corresponds to the shape of the current iPhone 6s. In place of the 3.5 mm headphone Jack can see a second speaker.

iPhone 7 dual camera, protruding from the housing. This decision not only reinforces the speculation of experts, previously attributed to the new iPhone advanced system consisting of two lenses, but the latest leaks. The module will get two lens a wide angle and a telephoto lens will offer users a 2-3-fold optical zoom.

A characteristic feature of the new iPhone 7 has become a magnetic connector Smart Connector, first debuted in the iPad Pro. It is unlikely that Apple plans to use it to connect a proprietary keyboard, but support for a separate magnetic dock seems logical.

Externally, the smartphone looks quite attractive renderings. Especially interesting seems the idea of a new modification of iPhone completely black. Her designer offers in addition to the current models in the colours gold, silver, grey and “pink gold”.

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