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Study: majority of Russians don’t know what Internet piracy is against the law

According to the research, 87% of Russian Internet users are convinced that the production and distribution of pirated video content is not illegal, and 66% believe that stream and download pirated content are also legal. These results are analytical company Irdeto.

A misconception prevailing among Russian consumers, likely contributes to the escalation of piracy; however, as the study showed, more than half of respondents (57%) actively consume pirated content. Almost a quarter of consumers of pirated content (22%) view it one or more times a week.

The survey was conducted in the period from 9 to 17 January 2017, the total sample size amounted to 1005 of Russians aged 18 years and older.

Even knowing that because of video piracy Studio producer lose money and it affects the quality and quantity of investment in the shooting of new movies and TV shows, almost half (48%) of respondents indicated that this fact will not reduce illegal video consumption.

Only 12% of consumers are willing, in the light of the information obtained to completely stop the viewing of pirated content. These results show that most consumers are not fully aware of the negative impact of piracy on the creation of new, innovative entertainment industry, the report said analysts.

“Awareness-raising among consumers, informing them about the illegality and the harm from piracy is an urgent need for all participants in the media business. Consumers need to understand that watching or listening to pirated content, they endanger themselves and the entire ecosystem of entertainment in General, — said Natalia Romanova, regional Director of Irdeto in Russia and the CIS. — If the detrimental effects of piracy will not be fully realized, the views of consumers and their behavior will not change. Piracy deprives providers of entertainment content opportunities to invest in large-scale shooting of new films and television series. This means that the range of content available for viewing, will be in such a situation inevitably shrink in the future.”

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According to the study, 38% of consumers prefer pirated movies that are in theaters, 21% of consumers most interested in watching pirated versions of television series.

The vast majority (75%) of consumers prefer to view pirated content on your laptop or computer, and much less — on the tablet (5%) or smartphone (4% Android, 1% iOS).

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