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Qualcomm introduced a camera with a depth sensor

Qualcomm has announced the second generation of image processor Spectra. It is designed with a focus on augmented, enhanced and virtual reality.

Qualcomm Spectra of the second generation supports the scanning of the iris of the eye, as well as passive and active measurement depth. The company claims that the iris scanner more robust and reliable than the Samsung Galaxy S8, and it is not fooled by the photo.

The most interesting are the sensors measure depth. The presentation showed a video, which shows that the system is quite accurately able in real time to create three-dimensional image. The infrared camera reads this structure and camera track change depth. Then, the processor analyzes the information and creates a picture of depth. The image processor Qualcomm Spectra of the second generation will be part of a new flagship chipset the Snapdragon.

Qualcomm Spectra of the second generation is also equipped with multi-frame noise reduction by blending multiple shots, as does the HDR+ mode in Google, hardware accelerated temporal filtering and a built-in electronic image stabilization to record smooth video.

Source: Engadget

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