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NYT: Apple CEO Tim cook was one of the first congratulated trump on his election victory

The US President-elect Donald trump said that he had held talks with Apple CEO Tim cook. Trump was also able to chat with Microsoft founder bill gates.

Apple CEO Tim cook personally called Donald Trump to congratulate him on his victory in the presidential elections. About this trump said in an interview with journalists, the New York Times. Apple failed to promptly provide the publication of comments.

During the election race Tim cook upomyanalos regularly on the front pages along with trump, the two leaders repeatedly exchanged blows. The first blow trump struck in January, criticizing Apple for its decision to produce products outside of the United States. In February, he called for a boycott of the company after she refused to unlock the iPhone shooter from San Bernardino.

Speaking at the liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, trump mentioned again the most profitable company in the world, saying: “We’ll force Apple to raise their damn computers and devices in this country, not in other countries.”

Apple responded in June by refusing to support the Republican national Convention and calling the reason for this decision the views of trump. Tim cook added fuel to the fire and insulted trump’s more, when the summer had organized several events to raise money for the speaker of the house of representatives Republican Paul Ryan and presidential candidate from the Democratic party Hillary Clinton – two opponents trump.

Some believe that the presidency, trump will be beneficial for Apple because it advocates reducing corporate taxes to encourage companies to return to the United States. Apple, which holds more than $200 billion of cash in Ireland to benefit from lower Irish corporate tax is one of the largest users of the tax loopholes in the world. If trump will introduce a ban on offshore production or will establish additional charges to your iPhone is made in China, the negative effects will be huge.

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The existence of a conflict between Donald trump and Apple obviously. How will this affect the company’s business will become clear in January, when newly elected President officially takes the White house.

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