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New camera OPPO will give odds to optical zoom iPhone 7 Plus

The company OPPO in the framework of MWC told about the development, which aims to significantly expand the capabilities of the cameras of mobile devices. We are talking about technology 5-fold change in focal length of lenses for cameras built into smartphones. Camera flagship iPhone 7 Plus, for comparison, offers technology two-times zoom without loss of quality.

– 5x Zoom Dual Camera is a dual camera. System Oppo was inspired by the periscope used in submarines. It assumes the presence of two lenses that are configured on different points of focus. Telephoto “looks” to the side, at an angle of 90° relative to a normal wide-angle lens, and the light it gets through the lens. The total thickness of the PV panel — 5.7 mm, which means that it will not have to hide under a massive “bump” on the back cover.

Moving the elements of the telephoto lens, it is possible to obtain a three-fold zoom range. Proprietary algorithm combining the images from two cameras allows you to extend it up to five times. In contrast to the purely digital scaling methods, there is a high quality image.

Telephoto lens equipped with a stabilizer designed to compensate for movements of the camera, especially noticeable when shooting with longer focal length lenses.

Oppo has patented a new development, however the finished device on show in Barcelona brought is only a prototype, shaped like a smartphone. Date of release of the first product with the technology of Dual Camera 5x Zoom is not yet known.

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