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iPhone 7 and Nokia 3310 compared the performance [video]

The Nokia 3310 was all the chances to become a phone at all times, if he had not been discontinued. For all time of existence of the model (late 2000) the manufacturer produced about 126 million of such devices.

Hitting the market 17 years ago, the unit is the epitome of strength even in our days. Nokia 3310 is widely recognized as the most reliable. And now one of the instances that are extant, became involved in comparison with the iPhone 7 on the subject of performance.

The comparison seems pretty honest, and won it, oddly enough, a Finnish phone. To switch on the Nokia 3310 took 7 seconds, while the iPhone 7 with the most powerful in the mobile market processor, Apple A10 spent 4 times more time.

If the users of Nokia 3310 and iPhone 7 will try to quickly dial a phone number and call him, and in this case, the first will be found. Because of the physical buttons to start dialing from any place of the OS, at that time, as the owner of the flagship smartphone Apple must first unlock the phone, find the Phone app, launch it and only then can proceed to dial the number.

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