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In the App Store released a new game pokemon Pokémon Duel

In the App Store released a new mobile game of pokemon Pokémon Duel. In it gamers will have to collect monsters and take part in duels. Publisher is a Pokémon Duel Pokemon Company International is one of the developers of the hit Pokemon Go.

The rules in Pokémon Duel reminiscent of the Board game: players move around the virtual field the figures of the pokemon, trying to block the way of enemy characters or attacking them.

Each pokemon their own abilities and a certain number of steps that he can do. The duel starts at the moment when a pokémon of the player is one step away from the enemy, and the outcome of the battle depends on the balance of forces heroes. The winner is the one who will destroy the enemy army.

Play Pokemon Duel as one against the computer or against other players online. Distributed game for free, but includes in-app purchases.

Earlier it was reported that Pokemon Go has become the most iconic mobile game in 2016 and earned $950 million: this amount, the project has collected in a record small amount of time. Interestingly, distributed game is also free, but with microtransactions it brought to its creators more money than some kinoblokbasterov.

Download: Pokemon Duel for iPhone and iPad in the App Store
Download: Pokemon Duel for Android in Google Play

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