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How to add a control Point iOS 10 hidden mute switch

On three devices with the iOS operating system 10 contains a separate mute switch in control center. But available on the Apple iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 4, which do not have a separate toggle switch on the side.

On the iPhone in the control center iOS 10 only five standard switches, including wifi, Bluetooth, airplane mode, do Not disturb and lock rotation of the screen. Apple does not allow you to change their order or add new switches. The mute switch on smartphones is not available.

Developer under the name iKilledAppl3 created a software add-on that allows you to activate on the iPhone sixth hidden mute switch. The development was named EnableCCMute. If the user wants to disable the notification sound on your device, you can quickly open control center and press the button.

When the switch is in position “Off”, no notification sounds, alarms, or sound effects, such as the key clicks. When playing music, videos, podcasts and games sound is not turned off.

In accordance with the concept design, the buttons in control center iOS 10 highlighted with different colors – orange, blue, red. Toggle the mute switch is red.

Install EnableCCMute are all owners of iOS-jailbroken devices. The program is available in the BigBoss repository for free and works immediately after installation.

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