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Audicy: import music and video into the iOS media library without iTunes or PC [video]

It is no secret that the iPhone and iPad are closely tied to iTunes. For many newcomers, this fact often becomes a big surprise saying as well, why not to upload music and videos in the usual way? There are a huge number of both opponents and third-party multimedia processor Apple. If you are already used to the idea of living with iTunes, then you can just not read.

For everyone else in Cydia appeared a unique application Audicy, is able to deliver iOS device from dependence on iTunes and the PC. A new jailbreak app created by the developer Jalal, Origa and connects to the mobile library iPhone and iPad, allowing you to import music and video to bypass the Apple player. Using Audicy, you can download tracks and organize your library without using iTunes and downloading third-party software directly on the smartphone and tablet.

In order to “fill in” the music to your device, simply install this app. Audicy is integrated with all the applications in iOS through the menu and sharing becomes a bridge between sources of multimedia content and standard applications Music and Video in iOS. Any music track or a video downloaded to the iPhone via the browser, mail or through one of the file managers, you can add to your library. In the case of video file conveniently carried in the standard program Video. Similarly, data can be transferred to others via social networking apps, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, etc.

In addition to importing content in your music library iOS device Audicy allows you to pre-listen to music, watch videos, add artwork using the built-in function of Google search, and also need to crop audio and edit metadata is to specify song title, artist, album, genre to specify the composition and type of the imported file – song, ringtone, podcast.

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Key features Audicy:

  • Import music Audicy from any third-party applications on the device.
  • Audicy use to open files in other applications by using function “Open in”.
  • Use Audicy to share your files via social networking apps.
  • Freely edit the metadata such as track number, song title, artist’s name, album name, genre and year of release.
  • Add album cover art from the regular photo library.
  • Search for cover albums via built-in Google search.
  • Import several multimedia files at one time, for example all songs in the album in the right place, and Audicy will extract all the metadata.
  • When viewing files on the device Audicy automatically extracts any metadata.
  • Notification on completion of import and the ability to immediately access data in the application.
  • Preview video and audio before you import.
  • The choice of the type of the imported content: song, ringtone, podcast, clip, movie or episode.
  • View the list of imported ringtones with the ability to rename and delete.

To see a detailed overview Audicy from the developer you can see in the video below:

According to the developer the app Audicy can become an indispensable assistant for any music lover. The cost of the tweak, compatible with iOS 9, is $2,99.

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