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10 reasons not to update to iOS 10 beta 2

At WWDC in June 2016 in June, Apple showed a new version of the operating system for iPhone and iPad. A lot of interesting features: the new lock screen widgets, improved standard apps, a new notification system.

Many users immediately rushed to install iOS 10, because Apple has already provided access to version of IOS to developers. However, it should be borne in mind that even the second beta of iOS 10, which debuted yesterday, is not recommended to install the desktop gadget.

Failures and errors in iOS 10 beta 2 is significantly less than in the first test release, but they are. And these errors can spoil the impression of the soon to be released platform. The following is a list of 10 bugs that have to tolerate those who decide to install iOS beta 2 10.

  • Problems with YouTube app: the app tends to hang, resulting in a required hard reboot.
  • If the Message to open the contact’s photo, and then return to chat, the top menu becomes transparent.
  • In the section of widgets items “Show more” and “Show less” is sometimes underlined.
  • From time to time after unlocking disappear the clock in the status line.
  • The upper left edge of the section Now Playing in the Apple Music empty. Here is a menu item to manage the music tracks.
  • Staff application for devices “smart” home is not working with locks August.
  • In the Appendix “the House” does not work in full function for color-changing lighting.
  • The Video app refuses to play a video.
  • Watch don’t disappear from the lock screen when the user opens the widgets.
  • Running the application Apple Music is accompanied by an animation bug.
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    iOS 10 beta 2 as a whole is not as stable as the final releases Apple: occasionally noticeable lag, drop application, an emergency restart of the iPhone.

    If you can’t wait to test the “top ten”, we highly recommend you to wait for the public version of the operating system, which will be spared from many issues in the current build. It will be launched in the coming days. Wait for the public release of iOS 10 for quite some time, and to downgrade to the previous version can be at any moment.

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