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Zvooq now allows you to download and listen to the music as 320 kbit/s

Streaming service Zvooq has announced new features music service – now download and listen to the tracks as 320 kbps. For comparison, the new music service Apple Music bitrate is limited to 256 Kbps.

“We want to breathe fresh air, eat healthy food and drink clean water. Music we fill the different moments of our life and it also deserves the best quality! For members Zvooq+ we have prepared a new feature – you can now download and listen to your music in high quality up to 320 kbit/s”, – stated in the message of the company.

Zvooq offers a free version of the mobile application, which gives you unlimited access to the music library of more than 25 million licensed music tracks. The mobile application service is intended for the operating systems iOS and Android. The company believes that such a move would allow the Russians to finally switch from pirated music on licensed content.

“In Russia the consumption of online music is a long-established habit, stimulated largely by the services of one of Russian social networks,” says Victor Frumkin, co-founder of Dream Industries. – Russia is among the ten largest world markets streaming music, but is outside the top 30 in terms of its monetization. And for us, the largest licensed music service, the main task is not the formation or modification of existing user habits, and the development of the huge commercial potential that is hidden in the current situation.”

Zvooq allows you to listen to music for free. In order to download the content at 320 Kbps, you will need a subscription Zvooq+. It allows you to download music to the phone to listen to it without connecting to the Internet, control the playing of any music from the catalog of 25 000 000 tracks and devoid of advertising.

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Streaming service Zvooq, established in 2011, operates in Russia and most CIS countries. In its plans to enter the markets of other developing countries through partnerships with telecommunications companies. Today the audience Zvooq more than 5 million registered users.

Download the app Zvooq can App Store and Google Play.

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