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Zuckerberg admitted his mistakes and explained before the U.S. Congress

Soon Facebook CEO will report to the U.S. Congress in Washington. The conversation will be about privacy and data integrity. It is reported by Recode.

Dialogue Zuckerberg has prepared some testimony and evidence of the relationship of Facebook to information. Initially, mark decided to admit their mistakes, take the blame and tell them to take a series of measures to change the situation.

Cambridge Analytica

For starters, Facebook has decided to investigate the leak of user data and find out what happened to Cambridge Analytica. It turned out that this company was collecting information about people through surveys, and then used it for their own purposes.

Realizing his mistake, Facebook began to limit the ability of third-party services and applications. In addition, the social network allowed users to carefully control their personal data.

Russia’s intervention in the elections

As it turned out, the Russian information Agency using Facebook, in 2016, supported or maligned certain candidates. It was created specifically for a large number of fake accounts, but the social network did not respond. Now, after all this time, drew public attention to the problem.

In order to prevent similar incidents, the company is engaged in the creation of new technologies and algorithms. They will allow you to block fake accounts and prevent the spread of false information.

In conclusion, mark Zuckerberg announced:

“My top priority has always been the mission to bring people together and peace. While I have a Facebook, developers and advertisers will never be more important to me than my users”.

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Recently the most popular social network in the world faced with problems. Not only that, many users began to abandon it, and celebrities like Steve Wozniak. Data leakage also responded to Tim cook.

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