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Zombie Invasion – when dead too much

Everyone loves zombies! You and we, and even those who are in this shameful passion are not recognized – they also love zombies. Carefully looking around the Billboard nearest movie theater, will certainly find there a couple of films with half-dead people. Yes, and this applies to games – if you ride on top of the most popular without the zombies it will not be. It is therefore not surprising that we have for you another game about rotten friends – very exciting.

The specifics of the game are arranged in the following way: the blank screen is run zombies. First, they are a little – a few pieces. Then more and more. And more. And more – in the end you somehow have time to react. The task – to crush the villains, until they slipped the bottom line implication is, that in this case loosened, but certainly sharp teeth of villains will come across your brain. Crush the zombies just elementary click by fleeing half-dead one with a nice sound falling apart into pieces, leaving a bloody stain.

Enemies attack in waves, from small attacks before the final assault on your invisible fortress. To the final fingers barely have time to ride on display: there, come back, uh, like strayed. To more fully make your life difficult, the developers have come up with several types of zombies – there are for example, ordinary, skeletons, cops and even electric zombie. Each has its own characteristics, and each should find its own approach, for example, with the advent of skeletons, zombies run in a straight line, and zigzags. Well, the final touch: periodically on the screen there are civilians and they cannot touch the word “all”. Accidentally slapped the peace? Well, now you restart the level – or pay “life.” All you have three hearts, so the rights for a mistake is not so much.

But don’t you worry – love you from the start and provide bonuses. There are bombs you need to throw into the crowd – slowing down time, which helps a lot in the final waves, and even anti-tank mines, carefully closing the whole series. When you feel that you are not holding temp – do not hesitate to ask for assistance; at the zombie war all means are good. But still save, because nobody knows what awaits you on the next level.

Just a Zombie Invasion is about 60 levels and several sets – will shattered, apparently, the city will continue in the desert and ends in the middle of winter. The game is certainly not designed for 150 hours of continuous gameplay, but not for five minutes a week Zombie Invasion may well brighten up your boring lunch and standing in line. Well, or slightly less if you push the dead volley, which, by the way, maybe the graphics are quite nice, there are lovely backdrops, but the zombies themselves are drawn, though cartoonish, but great.

Of course, the Zombie Invasion is fun, so it makes no sense to demand something more. Its job is to brighten up a few boring minutes, the game does brilliantly; perhaps representatives of the genre should be able to do something else. No – especially since the game at the start of the free, and nobody is begging for money: absolutely free entertainment.

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