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Zharov: Google and Amazon will have to decide whether they want to work in Russia

Alexander Zharov hinted that Google and Amazon need to make an important decision regarding Telegram.

After earlier this week, Roskomnadzor began to “block” Telegram, the black list includes many millions of IP addresses. The situation became especially curious when it turned out that some of these addresses are owned by the providers of the web services by Google and Amazon, which support the work of many services.

Administration of Telegram possible to change the IP address, avoiding blocking and continuing to work in Russia.

Chapter LV Alexei Zharov hinted that if Google and Amazon will not honor the rulings of Russian courts, they have a chance of losing business in Russia. “Vedomosti” quoted Zharov:

And for Amazon, for Google, it is definitely a serious challenge: if we consider the set of IP addresses, for example, 6 million IP Amazon is almost half of all that they have, in principle. A total of about 13 million That is by and large they now decide whether to work in Russia or not,” – said Zharov. However, he added that the company, in his opinion, do not want to sacrifice part of its business for Telegram.

The head of the RNA also stated that programmers Telegram does not take into account the interests of respectable resources, which suffer from massive locks.

We were faced with a serious challenge. It was necessary to understand whether these addresses some good resources.

Write in comments your opinion about who should be responsible for the availability of good resources: administration Telegram, or ILV?

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