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Zens has released a portable battery for charging Apple Watch

The company announced a Zens charger accessory for smart watches Apple with the speaker called the Apple Watch the Powerbank.

Lack of autonomy — the problem with all “smart” watches and the Apple Watch in this sense is no exception. The solution is to buy an external battery, allowing you to charge your Apple Watch at any time.

Accessory company Zens is made in the form of a docking station in the shape of a cube, designed for models smart watches size 38 and 42 mm. Poverbank has a capacity of 1300 mAh and is equipped with a micro-USB port for charging its own battery. Charging the Apple Watch is wirelessly.

Powerbank from a company Zens weighs 68 grams and the dimensions of this device are 4×4×3,15 see the device is made of rubberized plastic. On the side of the face is an led indicator that allows to know the battery level. According to the manufacturer, the available capacity is enough for more than a week to use the Apple Watch offline.

Zens of the Apple Watch received the Powerbank MFi certificate approving its use with Apple mobile devices.

The novelty has already started, the accessory is available in two colours at a price of $ 50.

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