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Zeblaze Rover – clone Apple Watch for $ 52 dollars [video]

To deny the magic of “Apple” brand is stupid. In Cupertino create wonderful, amazing things, sometimes changing the world. Not for nothing so many clones of iPhone and iPad. Recently one of them was joined to the device Zeblaze Rover – “smart” watches, stylized as the Apple Watch. The manufacturer claims that this is not a “toy”: he managed to provide the maximum opportunities for a minimal price.

Looks 48-ounce product is quite familiar. Rectangular case thickness 8.8 mm made of metal alloy. Leather strap is included. The developers added Zeblaze Rover 1.54 inch IPS display with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. Scratches and bumps touchpad is not afraid thanks to tempered glass OGS. The bonus acts as protection against water. If you want to wash — can with the wrist not to shoot, but not for diving suit.

Chronometer monitors sleep, counts steps, calories burned, and also reminds us that it’s time to warm up, when the owner of the long stays without moving. Zeblaze Rover allow you to customize them any way convenient to the user, starting from the power saving mode to the choice of the metric system to display data. The gadget menu is divided into two parts, one of which is all that concerns the telephone, and the second – all functions related to clocks. To call just dial the number. But if the number to the phonebook of the smartphone, it will be displayed on the watch, exactly as recorded in your smartphone.

No problems here with notifications about incoming calls, SMS, emails and messages from social networks. Support for synchronization with devices running iOS and Android.

Wireless communication is via Bluetooth 4.0. The device allows you to listen to music and remotely control the camera of your smartphone. In addition, the connection does not lose the phone: it should be removed from the device too far — activates the alarm.

Interestingly, for all the above does not require a powerful processor. Enough chip MTK 2501 with a clock frequency of 108 MHz. The role of the power source acts as a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 250 mAh. The battery lasts for 72 hours of battery life in standby mode.
More “on Board” is altimeter and barometer.

Of course, all the above does not make Zeblaze Rover in Apple Watch. Cons easy to find — no, at least, third-party applications. However, as an inexpensive, available literally every alternative is an interesting option. On the GearBest website, the device will cost $52.

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