All Apple news will lock for 15 days because of claims Sony Music

The Moscow city court decided to adopt provisional measures in relation to popular music service This means that the operators will block access to the site for 15 days: during this time, the franchisor, alleging that the site violated its intellectual property rights, should file a claim on the merits.

The court issued this decision on the claim of Sony Music, which is found on the website belonging to her music — the song “You’re my password”, “Hello”, “Learning to survive”, “Stone soul” by Yulia Parshuta, say “Vedomosti”. These works were placed on without permission, the court agreed. In said that the content is already deleted.

According to, — 247-th most popular website in Russian Internet. And according to TNS, in April, the 101st website in the Internet on a monthly audience, and 120 m on average. His audience was: in April 2015, 4.4 million users. I there is an official app for Android, the iOS version gets moderated App Store.

The court upheld Sony Music in two cases against sites that without permission were placed music tracks, follows from the decision of Moscow city court. Preliminary security measures had been taken in relation to the site and Claims Sony Music relate to those same songs Yulia Parshuta.

From may 1, 2015 came into force a new version of the anti-piracy law that allows rights holders to achieve lock pirate site operators. It covers not only TV shows and movies, but also books, music and apps.

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Today Roskomnadzor said about locking the electronic library “flibusta sites”, whose owners did not remove the books on the application of “Eksmo”. Other sites, in particular and removed the content after the decision of Moscow city court.

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