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YouTube launches service for watching TV YouTube TV: 40 channels for $35 a month

YouTube announced a new service of viewing of broadcasting TV channels YouTube TV. The company announced Tuesday.

YouTube users will soon be able to watch the live broadcast of the almost four dozen TV channels. As described in the company, YouTube TV will offer real-time broadcast of the four largest American TV networks (ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox), and about 30 cable channels, including sports.

The service will be provided on a paid subscription for $35 per month. In the framework of one monthly fee to connect up to six accounts. Thus, several members of the same family can use the service with different accounts.

Each account provides a personal content recommendations, and access to DVR features with unlimited disk space. However, a single subscription is available the ability to view only three-stream DVR recording.

The subscription also includes free access to premium YouTube Red, which allows you to watch videos without ads and professional videos.

The company said that YouTube wants to expand their audience and offer users new opportunities. “There is no doubt that today’s youth enjoy the quality television content, however, we realized that they don’t want to watch TV the traditional way,” she said.

The new service will work in the US in the next few months. Plans to launch the service outside the us YouTube has not yet spoken.

It is worth noting that the YouTube project Red launched in October 2015, only works in USA, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and South Korea. During the first year of operation, this service has gained 1.5 million paid subscribers.

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