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YouTube has solved the problem of vertical videos on iPhone

Google has released a new version of the YouTube app for the iOS platform, which added the function of auto rotate of vertical videos. This company ignored playback support vertical video in a long time, conceded defeat in the unsuccessful attempts to teach users to properly remove.

New feature automatically flips the video, and stretches to the maximum possible area, if the user tries to run it full screen, while in previous versions of vertical rollers in full-screen mode is displayed on the center display of the smartphone.

A large number of vertical video on the Internet due to the fact that phone users are often easier to hold the device horizontally when shooting. However, when you download these videos on video they are played vertically, leaving black bands at the sides, as tablets, TVs and desktop computers typically have horizontally oriented screens.

In 2012, this problem was discussed in a satirical video, the comedian-group Glove and Boots. Its authors urged users not to shoot vertical video, threatening that otherwise George Lucas can reshoot all the films of the Saga “Star wars.”

In addition to the “proper” full-screen mode for vertical video updated YouTube setting for push notifications. If you click on the bell icon, the app will send alerts on all the news of the selected channel.

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